Echo system of the universe

Yes, yes, yes, we are interdependent not independent, so, what goes around, comes around……. Simple………
Whatever you throw to universe
Universe will throw it back to you….. The ECHO system of the universe……..

You cannot hide for too long

You cannot hide for too long for who you are…..
You just cannot deviate from the natural laws and get success, accomplishment, and meaning in your life….
You cannot avoid depth… For something real
Some real success, peace, harmony……
You can not avoid pain but you can choose to overcome it bcoz the solution of pain is through the pain… You can choose to transmute your suffering into peace….. And you have to choose
Bcoz even not to choose is a choice……. A big choice……..


Dear friend. I might not be intelligent. I might not give you a good advice on your problems. I might not be able to solve your problems. But my friend I can assure you one thing.. I will be with you. No matter what.. I will not only be with you when all odds are in your favor. When all the universe the stars the clouds the wind is supporting you.. my friend I will be with you even when all the odds are against you when all the world doesn’t understand you. When you might have make all the wrong decisions you can make. When you did your best and not won… I will be with you. Just standing right besides you… Just standing right besides you. My friend.
Long live friendship. Long live my friend….