Go with the Flow

Everything will change in the blink of an eye. What you are experiencing today, what you are going through now, in this moment, would not last. It will flow into deep sea of constant change given the dynamic and fluid nature of life and universe. Let yourself flow with the life and universe. Don’t cling, attach, resist to the constant change because change is the only constant. Your clinging to mind made resistance of change will only cause you suffering. Flowing with life does not free you from Pain but it will definitely free you from suffering. Pain is integral part of life. You cannot avoid it but you can allow yourself to free from suffering created by your mind made (ego) resistance to life’s flow. Cry when you want to, as a result of change, get that grief a place in your heart, let it settle in it, celebrate the it, feel whatever emotion you are going through as a result of change, as result of death of a beautiful moment but once cried, greived, felt that feeling than give place, allow birth of new moment to take place, to allow change to happen as it already has happened understanding deeply with your heart the nature of universe and life is a constant change, a flow, a fluid, Dynamic.Go with the flow and enjoy the precious gift of this moment you are experiencing NOW…..

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