Downhill & uphill

Lens you wear determines your situation
When Life gives you lemons make a Lamonade, it’s a famous proverb. The way you are going to perceive your life situation will be the way you feel and act accordingly. The lens you wear to see life situations affect your quality and productivity of life. Being optimistic and keeping the positive mindset is not easy when you are in the middle of chaos. The purpose of doing so is to make the situation bearable, to adapt to the given stress.
Stress is anything that brings change and uncertainty in your life and threatens your survival physically or psychologically. In response to stress we all React in different ways. Two leading styles of coping described in literature includes emotion focused coping and problem focused coping. Both are valuable in the process of adaptation to stress but use of either as the sole approach hinder healthy coping. Though literature supports problem focused coping more beneficial overall. Maladaptive coping includes harmful ways of dealing with the situation like substance use, acting out on anger, making impulsive decisions, avoidance, or simply playing the blame game and cursing the circumstances. Maladaptive coping is a beautiful way of inflicting pain onto oneself and making the situation worse than it actually is. Healthy coping is a conscious choice in which you have to take the courageous step to closely look at the problem and face the pain associated with it without perpetuating it. It includes looking at the very problem as an opportunity to grow and take it as a chance to learn something new. To become more resilient, more wiser in the process. Few approaches include positive reappraisal of the situation, help seeking from trusted and authentic source, distraction form the problem for some time to help you manage and cool down your emotions so you can better look at the situation and take wise decisions to adapt and grow through it. You cannot avoid pain but you can choose to overcome it. There are times when you do feel in the middle of constant chaos, one problem after another but remember there is another saying “it never rains, it pours”. It could be the mysterious way of universe to test you and lead you to new horizons of growth, success and finding a new beginning, a new place which could be awe-inspiringly beautiful.

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