Sensitivity & intelligence

Sensitivity & intelligence

If you are a sensitive soul along with topping of intelligence over it and feel and perceive things around in a way similar to a volume turned to its maximum, now things are hitting you with intensity and you are intelligent enough as well to comprehend them as well in addition to just feeling them, now you are in a position that is very difficult, you have to manage your sensitivity by sorting things out, which ones to take in, which ones to ignore, which ones to consider for no more than few seconds or minutes and which ones to ponder on seriously to make a change, to improve, to rectify. It’s a day to day business and your burnout rate would be more than many others because you are dealing with alot of influx of energy, with simultaneously tuning of it to make an outflux of energy with a positive outcome. In the process you will fail many times and you will be apologizing to your self for your mistakes but you need to collect all your strength and courage to forgive yourself and keep working to make things work for better in the guidance of Hope and Faith which will keep your boat sailing in the flow, fighting against your demons of doubts and fears….

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