Legacy doesn’t mean the huge crowd clapping for you, your posters being published in newspapers and magazines, people getting autographs signatured by you, neither it’s the medals on your sleeves, nor the booket of Flowers and words spoken to you in your praise and thanksgiving. Legacy is the lives you touched by your presence, your words, your gestures, souls you given hope to, a moment of Empathy you held when someone spoke to you about their story of pain, it’s giving a hand of help to someone in need, legacy is the courage you showed when it was most needed, the action you took when it was due to be taken, apologies you made for your faults, mistakes you rectified or Atleast tried to rectify, it’s a pat you gave up on someone’s shoulder when tears rolled down their cheeks and all they could have said has been silence. It’s the hope and kindness you give to your own very self. Legacy is all the visible and invisible, huge or tiny acts of goodness you made that were either big enough to be praised by masses or the subtle ones’ which no one around you noticed but that has left a mark of hope and goodness in someone’s heart including your own, that is your Legacy my dear!



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