“I am still learning”
Michelangelo at age 87
Learning is not equivalent to craming or memorising stuff neither it is limited to premises of schools, colleges or universities. rather it is a life long never ending process, untied to specific people, places, gender, educational status, race, family background or religion.
It is one of the basic needs of individual to learn in order to thrive and grow right from his or her first cry till last breath.
The concept that learning is tethered to degree acquisition, limited to specified age, profession and sometimes to gender need to be discarded.
Interestingly enough most of the learning is not via conscious effort (Gopnik 2016) but rather it’s a secondary product of experiences of life.
Children learn by watching and imitating others which is called observational learning. In addition learning via listening to others concepts and explainations of how world works is regarded as testimonial learning
Alen Rogers further introduced concept of acquisition learning which is task and situation oriented learning an individual acquire involuntarily via engagement in life’s experiences including daily activities. Second type of learning explained by Alen Rogers has been viewed as formalised learning Which is described as consciously assisted learning, the concept which is generally considered in our culture as learning disregarding other forms and ways. The concept that needs to prevail is that learning is an attitude which is a result of growth mindset. Growth mindset emerges when people see their talents, habits and personalities as dynamic and ever growing by challenges, failures and experiences of life rather than fixed ones of static personalities, habits and talents.

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