Being Human

Being Human
From the womb to the lap of mother (or the caregiver) to crawling on four limbs to standing on two feet holding a finger to going to school (or passing this phase of life without formal schooling) to fall into adolescent stage to becoming and individual adult, a human being start making sense of the world he or she is born into, make certain maps to survive, discard some, remake them only to discard again. Life remains a constant search especially when the maps offered by the world are too many and are flawed and incomplete not providing a sense of comfort, contentment and Peace to the inner core of our beings. Broadly maps that make some sense of human existence can be divided into two kinds, one that is more popular and prevalent offers life’s existance on a material plane. Every thing that is tangible, we are supposed to pursuit in life, to fill ourselves with materials and goods (including psychological solidifications, mental Idols, titles, degrees, emotional attachments) to give us a solid sense of identity and a mean of survival only to discover at some point that there exist none of them in a solid and static state. Everything is fluid, unpredictable and dynamic in life.
The other map is provided by religious school of thought that this material life is temporary and there is another one beyond this. But this Map is not a fancy one. It is less attractive and thus appeals us less. As well it points towards more intangible and immeasurable dimension that offers a way of life which seems to lack luster and predictability making us loose a sense of control over ourselves as well as on this journey called life. It requires us to surrender and have Faith in unseen, intangible and immeasurable dimension and essence of existence (and what lies beyond it) which seems dubious and unreasonable to follow. But if followed leads to inner Peace, contentment and a sense of joy that can only be felt but couldn’t be measured.

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