Pain: A portal to consciousness

Slowly and gradually she changed. She changed the way she perceived world around, the way she responded to life’s circumstances, the standards for approval changed. For most of them she changed for better. But few rythms changed In a way that it was hard to recognize that it was her. She changed so much that Sometimes she sounded stranger not only to people familiar with her but also to herself. Her easygoing attitude and spontaneity become less than before. Her impatience, risk taking attitude and straightforwardness changed into a relatively restrained one. Her impulsive decisions minor or major ones both changed into well thought ones if not for all than atleast for most. Her warmth, welcoming and embracing attitude changed a bit. Pain changed her. Made her more wise. Wisdom earned at the cost of innocence. Every thing in life is paid. Every thing has a price. But one thing that remains unchanged has been her Pure Heart that has still been glistening, shining and beating with rythm full of life!

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