Second Wave

Just when we almost said goodbye to it standing at the door and moved back to our normal routines or near normal activities, it again knocked our door, this time without any warning, alarm or sirens. We were about to forget the chaos it created when it first announced its welcome to the world, we managed to cope the living without our loved ones we lost in the battle against covid 19, we were about to forget the contagion of fear that engulfed human beings leaving the roads and streets empty and silent, schools barren, hospitals loaded with people who caught up the covid, the ones dropping oxygen saturation with their families in a stage of denial not able to be there and hold the hands of their loved ones in times of one of their hardest battles. We were forgetting the lessons it taught us and vows we made to ourselves about cherishing and being grateful to every moment of life, about valuing the time spend with family and friends, about finding and living the meaning and purpose of life and about stop chasing the temporary hedonistic pleasures and living more fulfilling moments that last forever, when it again knocked our doors…..

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