A beautiful yet difficult thing.
It can give you freedom or it can take your freedom away.
It could make you happy and it can make you sad.
At times it’s easy to choose
At times it’s painful to choose
At times it can only be a decision to choose the meal or dress
At times it can be as big as choosing a career or a life partner
Switching a job or staying in it
Continuing the relationship or stepping away from it
Staying silent or speak up
Either give something or hold it
Praise someone or criticize
Respect or humiliate
Give up or rest and make a comeback
It can be as little as passing by a begger or take a moment to make some contribution
To take the risk at hand or play safe
To smile at someone or pass by without noticing seemingly
To believe and have Faith or to be consumed by the uncertainty
To hate or to Love
To stay wounded or take the courageous step towards Healing
To choose Happiness, Gratitude and Peace or to keep blaming and projecting inside chaos to outside world……

Tooba Anum

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