Off the record;


It has dawned on me somehow, to share my routine nowadays, with you guys, off the record. Being at home in this period of nationwide quarantine, when I first wake up early morning, I keep staring dubiously in the air to believe that I am on vacations. It’s hard to believe mainly because of two reasons. First I am in a residency programme, currently doing my residency, and in that duration of lifetime, you are not supposed to get vacations except if there is a mile stone event in your life time, either you are getting married or going to have or just had a newborn baby of your own, or maybe you have broken some of your personal tools, no, no not the medical tool, your personal body part, I mean. Second reason is my new supervisor, who joined the department few months back is a kind of passion-holic individual, he is allergic to (even a single) day off, so you can only imagine of the vacations but can’t get it.

So, I was telling you my routine nowadays, but honestly speaking I don’t have any. After waking up I just use my cell phone for almost half an hour to one hour before getting off the bed, than another hour passes in doing basics. On breakfast chatting and cracking jokes with parents and passing comments on current situation of quarantine, another hour slips away.

Suddenly a Stark realization come upon me, that perhaps, I am also a passion and worker-holic kind of individual who very often remain in search of few dense questions, the purpose and meaning of life and how to maximize one’s life’s potential, although I haven’t completely found the answers yet probably. Anyhow I just get up to make something best of my life. I get into my room, where almost dozen of books in the shelf staring at me in the hope of their turn to come. Not only these books, half a dozen books I have downloaded pdf still awaiting me.

As I have currently, picked up one of them and going to start living it, now I am in the mood to keep my rest of routine off the record.

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