Humanity is facing a challenge proposed by a minute particle, invisible to human naked eye, SARS-cov-2. The culprit jolted the world since past few months. It stroked the world from schools to universities, from offices to daily wage earners to vast business holders, to housewives, to children, from politicians to social workers and obviously to the one’s holding the badge of “HEALTH PROFESSIONALS”. It threatened not only one’s physical existence but impacted hugely the psychology of humans. It brought fear, panic, anxiety, isolation, uncertainty, unpredictability, and paranoia and raised couple of questions. It started shaking our world views. The very question it raised is that, is it a catastrophe or is it a scope to change, a blessing, an opportunity to contemplate our old patterns of living. It came to make us appreciate the things we take for granted. A hand shake, a hug, a buck up on a shoulder, the gift of one on one human connection, social gatherings, and moments of laughter we cherish together and the precious nature of human freedom. It is coaching us to be a minimalist. To make living from the least material stuff required and shift the focus to more important things in life, the values, principles, kindness, human connection, gratitude, appreciating beauty of nature around, finding one’s life purpose and calling, finding meaning of death and necessity of incorporating death in our world view. To begin with an end in mind.
Besides, it made us realize the vulnerability of our existence, our plans, and our control over circumstances. It declared that there is a magnificent mysterious force, operating the universe which is far greater than humans, which has grand plans. That force take charge of things when necessary, to cause human civilizations evolve from time to time. Now it’s up to us that we breed fear, panic, anxiety and paranoia in this time of COVID-19 epidemic or we ponder over the situation, we re-examine our world views, our patterns of living and make necessary changes and try to make the good use of the ball game. Hope when it ends, it leaves humanity with a better outlook than the previous one.

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