Character building

Life is not a popularity contest. It is a contest to pursue your calling. Life is about finding meaning and then living it through, with all your heart. In persuading one’s calling one need to get out of the comfort zone, he or she has to make him/herself uncomfortable. Face the fears and stand with courage in all the adversities and difficult times. The foundation for this courage comes from the strength of character. Collectively the society needs to take the turn from success, career, fame, power, money, and praise towards the character building.
Character building needs to be included in educational curriculum from the very beginning of education. Trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, conscientiousness, gratitude, wisdom, perseverance, teamwork, forgiveness, humility, zest, hope, humor and transcendence are the key strengths which need to be inculcated in individuals for the better shaping of society. These qualities are collectively beneficial for every member of society. For better living, for growth and evolution of the whole community rather than focusing on individual success, fame, appraisal, money, power etc. the individual success has its roots in the fallacy of separateness. No society can grow on such a fallacy. For growth, peace and better living the concept of collective success is mandatory. When the construct of a society is built on encouragement and support for each other, helping one another in their calling, respect for everyone, then there is peace, love, harmony for everyone. Every individual then has the opportunity to achieve his or her maximum potential which in turn serves the society in its best interest.
To turn towards the character building, requires immense efforts. It needs to breakdown the old patterns of living. It requires striving towards change and change is one of the most uncomfortable things in life. Again it will take you out of your comfort zone. It requires reflection on one’s self individually and collectively as a society. It throws light on individual and collective world views. And to do all this openness is required. Openness to shake our world views. Openness to unlearn and then re learn. Openness to accept our own parts that are rotten. Openness to inculcate the new schemas. Openness to think. Openness to contemplate. Openness for striving. Openness to change. Because this is the only better way of living and not only surviving the life.

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