The Tree and Me

I sat beside the lake underneath the tree. Sun was about to set. The birds were chirping in the background. Slight breeze passed touching the leaves of the tree and it felt that the tree rejoiced with the passing breeze.
Few kids nearby plucked the few of tree’s leaves and was running around and after each other playing along.
I wondered that how the tree remain stood and provides the shade and comfort for all beyond all the odds. People come and sit beneath it. Enjoy the shade, comfort, fruits, beauty of it and yet they damage it. Some pluck their leaves, some pluck their flowers, fruits, some scratches the stem. And most horrible of all when needed they cut the very tree for their own benefit. Isn’t it strange? I asked the tree? How you bear all that shit and still provide comfort. You are not getting anything dude…

The tree smiled and replied;
“My child, why do you expect something good in return? It’s my duty to pay them shade, comfort, fruits beyond any condition. My strength does not depend on what other’s do to me. It depends on my faith, belief and sense of responsibility. It has nothing to do with others actions, either good or bad. It doesn’t bother me at all”

Tree added; “watch the lake, people come and get benefit from lake’s water, enjoy the ride over it in the boat, yet some of them throw garbage and stones into it. Whenever anything is thrown into it, it makes some ripples for few moments and that’s all. But lake does not withdrew it’s water from them.”
“Look at the wind blowing, it equally embraces all beyond any distinction. It does not see that it is passing through the house of a theft, smuggler, murderer, liar, corrupt or anyone doing good or bad deeds. It just embraces everyone beyond any condition.”
“And most of all my dear child, you know when someone plant a seed for a tree he or she does not necessarily get the shade and comfort of the same tree, yet they do it. Why my child?
Because love is not conditional. It is not distinctive. It does not depend on what others do to you. It is inside you to radiate like a sun which rises and sets everyday beyond any care just because it’s his duty, responsibility. It’s the presence of divinity in every creation ready to shine itself.

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