Overwhelming emotions-are they manageable?

Over whelming emotions: are they manageable
You might know someone or you are the someone who is like the container always at the edge of over-flowing emotions, be it, the happiness or the sadness or the madness, THE Rage’ or the bursting of the laughter, or the boiling of anger, or the gloominess of sadness, whatever kind of emotion it might be, on a minor or seemingly minor issue for others, or be it a big issue generally speaking, those are the people who are always like over-flowing emotional container.
But are they, some malformed kind of creatures, given alot of unnecessary intensity of getting emotional or being emotional, tendency, or they are the gifted ones, Who are the feelers of the world, the sensitive ones, who feel everything from your words, your tone of voice, to your slightest change in the tone of voice, to pauses between your words, and your words to your facial expressions, your changing facial expressions, to your gestures and your changing gestures, to your eye contact, to, when you are not able to sustain the eye contact,
They are the one’s who feel emotions in waves…..
So, they are different.
But that difference doesn’t make them malformed or less than others…
They are the gifted one’s the thinkers the feelers, the empaths, they are the one’s who find the loop holes in the system, when it’s not working for the betterment and the growth of individuals and the world, they are the game changers….
But a lot many times they are consumed by the negative impact of their emotions, a lot many times, they are blinded by the waves of their own emotions not allowing them to think wisely and make wise decisions…
If you are one of them, just a few tips for managing your over-whelming emotions from a literature;
Distract yourself when you are in pain, because of some heated argument or disturbing event replaying in your mind again and again,
Distract yourself by your senses,
Look around, observe the surroundings, things in surroundings, and observe the shape, textures, colours, as many details as you can.
Focus on your sense of hearing
How many sounds you can hear, pay attention.
Focus on your sense of smell, you can use some perfume, or flower or any other smell you like, fully focus on it.
Sense of taste, eat something you like and love, eat it slowly, enjoy it fully.
Sense of touch, you can take some tissue, some-thing furry, or you can touch anything and feel it’s shape, texture only by your sense of touch.
There are other distraction techniques also, you can go on a walk, watch a season you like, listen to the music, call a friend, visit a friend, arrange your cupboard, change setting of your room, re arrange your books, read some self-help literature.
And try to think on problem which triggered your emotions later on after your over-whelming emotions settle a bit. As someone said about emotions ‘they are worst of the masters and the best of slaves’.
And remember, you are not your emotion, you are bigger than that, you are the observer, the consciousness behind your emotions.
Tooba anum

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