Wounds & healing


It aches on a rub, it aches like hell, it brings back those traumatic memories that are immensely painful. Those memories that left behind their marks so deep that marks become ingrained in personality pain shapes the whole person in a different way, obviously they don’t remain the same as others who haven’t been through that specific trauma, they become different, they feel different, they think different they see things in a different way they behave different, but all that difference is not negative not transforms one into some one less than others in fact it gives a person uniqueness, more depth, more bigger perspective regarding life and it’s meaning, and more empathetic, one become able to feel others pain and help others heal, just like their own selves, they better understand others pain because they themselves know how pain tastes actually. So wounded are not bad or less than anyone, they are just trying to heal from something and in that process becoming a better person, more kind, more humble, more empathetic. What they need is hope and resilience which one learn by and by to bear it and obviously Faith in God. As Rumi says; “wound is the place where light gets in”.

Tooba Anum.

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